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We offer all types of passenger elevators of different capacity and speed. Our latest passenger elevators consist of a close loop microprocessor based controller with sophisticated and attractive cabin and latest electronic components for minimum and easy maintenance as well as low power consumption as per today’s need. We offer a varied range of attractive and durable cabins made with different types of material such as

M.S – powder coated, S.S – different types of designs, wooden and aluminum coated panels and many more. We provide the latest version of the auto door for cabin and landing doors that gives better comfortability and safety. A high-quality elevator for low to mid-rise buildings that have demanding people flow and ride comfort requirements. It features a broad range of interior options, superb ride comfort and excellent eco-efficiency.


  • Excellent Eco-Efficiency
  • Superb Ride Comfort.
  • Versatile Design.
  • Available in M.S., S.S..
  • Wooden and Aluminium Coated Panels.