Goods Elevators

EPIC’s goods elevators are powerful hoisting machines designed specifically to move freight.Available in various capacities ranging from 500 kg. To 7000 kg, their customization depends upon the customer’s requirements. Durable enough to cope with rough treatment, while also being a smooth ride to handle any fragile loads,our elevators also provide leveling accuracy that makes it easy to load and unload goods

With wide doors that maximize the usage of space in the car, we also offer a variety of door options available such as collapsible gates, automatic doors, double swing doors etc. EPIC’s powerful and high-performance goods elevators are ideal for a multitude of demanding freight transporting tasks in commercial buildings like, supermarkets, shopping malls, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, offices etc. We concisely rely on consistent system engineering and high standardization, hence, we’ve equipped our elevators with a great-load bearing capacity to meet a wide range of requirements - which means it fits as good in a warehouse as it does in a shopping complex or an industrial plant.

Adapting themselves to your needs, our elevators can be customized in all aspects ranging from the size, to the equipment features and operations. With robust technology, highly developed modules, high-grade materials and practical safety features, our elevators are a durable, high-quality asset. EPIC elevators solve all your complex goods transport tasks anywhere, in the simplest, most flexible, highly durable and of course, cost-effective manner.Saving you time and money our goods elevators facilitate ease of planning and shorten delivery times. From drives to controls to doors to cabins - each and every component of our EPIC elevators contribute to the highest efficiency of performance and energy usage, as compared to other conventional goods elevators.

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