Scenic Elevators

Capsule elevators are the most exclusive design in the world of elevators and act as an architectural highlight that adds to a building’s prestige. Also called the ornaments of a building, apart from the aesthetical enhancements, they also provide optimum travel comfort. With interiors crafted with utmost creativity and care and large transparent glass panels providing a panoramic view of the surroundings, capsule elevators are in a class of their own when it comes to sophistication mixed with ride comfort.

Demanding specialised knowledge in terms of manufacturing and operations, and state of the art technology - our expertise and experience in the field enables us to design premium elevators, which suit the requirements of your architectural masterpieces impeccably and add that contemporary chic panache to how your final design reveal looks like. Capsule Elevators designed by EPIC Elevators are a class apart and will make your building stand out from the run of the mill creations.

We manufacture a plethora of capsule elevator varieties with the most ultramodern design and technology, which provides a surreal experience to the passengers with extremely silent operation. We can incorporate multitudes of design elements like bottom lit marble floors, bell shaped roofs and cabin exteriors etc. which give a plush look and feel to your capsule elevators and make them look truly world class. A reliable and economical choice that requires minimum maintenance, our capsule elevators are incorporated with a VVVF close loop microprocessor controller, within its system, that only adds to the sophistication of its operation. Hence, for a truly arresting and captivating look, reach out to EPIC Elevators for all your capsule elevator needs!

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